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1 Lesson Plan Media Literacy PT. II Examples of Media literacy concepts in past Venice Arts student projects
Educators can use this resource to seek examples of student rendered projects that have successfully achieved Media Literacy Concepts.
2 Teaching Activity What I've Always Wanted To Know About You
This activity is a good team building/ice breaker exercise when you have a large group and not a lot of time. While it does not directly teach or reinforce knowledge or skills related to art making—there are many activities on this site that do that—it is a great, active way to engage people and is fun to do.
3 Teaching Activity Creating a Sensory Portrait: An Observation Exercise
This exercise accomplishes two things: it is a great warm-up exercise to introduce a group of people to one another in a fun and different way; and it helps students to understand how we use a range of sensory cues—primarily visual, but others, as well—to decode and understand a situation, person, or place.
4 Teaching Activity Speed Painting with Ketchup and French Fries
YouTube video demonstrates what you do can do with fresh McDonald's French Fries and 10 packets of Ketchup. A 50 minute speed painting session plays in 4 mins. Ketchup as paint and french fries as a paint brush.
5 Teaching Activity Practicing Interviews
An exercise to prepare students for in-the-field interviewing.
6 Teaching Resource A brief introduction to image filetypes important to photographers
Understand the basic differences between image filetypes such as JPEG, RAW, PNG, and others.
7 Teaching Resource Make a still image from your movie project
This is a tutorial about how to export still images from Final Cut Pro.
8 Teaching Resource Converting&Compressing PowerPoint and KeyNote files for
Simple steps to convert PP and Keynote files to .mov for uploading to BeyondMyspace.
9 Teaching Resource Converting .avi movie files to .mov
How to convert .avi to .mov and how to upload it to BeyondMyspace.
10 Teaching Resource Creating Slideshow in iMovie 09 (or adding/editing images and soundtracks to iMovie project)
This provides basic instructions for creating slideshows using iMovie 09.
11 Teaching Resource Francesca: A Multimedia Self-Portrait
This is an example of a multimedia storytelling piece featuring photos and an audio interview of a teen photographer.
12 Teaching Resource Quickstart guide to the Edirol R-09HR
This provides information on the Edirol R-09HR, a portable digital audio recorder.
13 Teaching Resource Posting FLIP Video to
This is a quick tutorial on how to post FLIP videos on
14 Teaching Resource Cheat Sheet:
The California Visual & Performing Arts Standards

This provides an overview of the five, core Visual Art Standards and describes their relationship to Venice Arts' curriculum in easy-to-understand language.
15 Teaching Resource Activity & Lesson Plan Summary Sheet
This is the template that Venice Arts' Teaching Artists should be using to capture details about great teaching activities, lesson plans, or resources. Once complete, they can be emailed to Venice Arts Media Assistant for entry into the website.
16 Teaching Resource Core Curriculum
Our core curriculum is built upon the five learning pillars shown in this teaching resource.
17 Teaching Resource Overview of Structure and Staffing
In this resource, we go over staffing a mentoring program. In order to achieve our goal of at least one artist for every three youth, we engage professional artists as Volunteer artist-mentors.
18 Teaching Resource Using a Virtual Learning Environment
We encourage you to consider how to best integrate the web into your own programs, both to build technology skills, as well as to showcase student work.
19 Teaching Resource Venice Arts Curricular Guide
The Venice Arts Curricular Guide presents a model of linked mentoring and education. This is the downloadable print version of the online version available at Written by Lynn Warshafsky.
20 Teaching Resource Media LIteracy PT. I Music Videos
What is Media Literacy? Media Literacy stresses the importance of being an active viewer, one who questions industry norms and standards, deconstructs imagery, and decodes embedded messages in mainstream media content.
21 Teaching Resource Whats Going On... Now
A 10-Week Multimedia Curriculum Celebrating the Work of Marvin Gaye

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