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1 Lesson Plan Comic Page Panel Construction
This lesson focuses on the importance of condensed storyboard formatting for a limited one page comic story.
2 Lesson Plan Applying Digital Color Using Adobe PhotoShop
This lesson teaches PhotoShop coloring techniques to apply digital color to Comics.
3 Lesson Plan Applying Digital Letter and Word Balloons (Comics)
This lesson teaches students how to create and compose word balloons in the “fixed” space that is a comic panel.
4 Lesson Plan Tie-Dyed Films
This lesson allows students to express their creativity through dying film.
5 Lesson Plan Catch the Moment (Shutter Speed) (2)
This lesson demonstrates the advantage of using different shutter speeds. Students are asked to shoot various types of photos.
6 Teaching Activity Texture Collage
This activity introduces students to the idea of texture in paper and allows them to create their own collage.
7 Teaching Activity About Me (Continuation of Photoshop Tutorial)
This activity teaches students how to combine text and image in Photoshop using layers.
8 Teaching Activity Hula Hoop Photography
Use a hula hoop to teach perspective.
9 Teaching Activity Collaged Portraits
Using photoshop, students collage close-up/detail photographs to create a portrait.
10 Teaching Activity Figure Drawing for Comics
11 Teaching Activity One, Two, and Three-Point Perspective (For the Comic Artist in You)
The key concepts are setting your horizon line and what that means when making a vanishing point in one, two and three point perspective.
12 Teaching Activity Dinner Table
An exercise in which students create a story about a dinner gone awry and photograph the scene
13 Teaching Resource A brief introduction to image filetypes important to photographers
Understand the basic differences between image filetypes such as JPEG, RAW, PNG, and others.
14 Teaching Resource Understanding framerate
This is a description of framerate and how it can be utilized to manipulate film and video.
15 Teaching Resource Make a still image from your movie project
This is a tutorial about how to export still images from Final Cut Pro.
16 Teaching Resource Converting&Compressing PowerPoint and KeyNote files for
Simple steps to convert PP and Keynote files to .mov for uploading to BeyondMyspace.
17 Teaching Resource Converting .avi movie files to .mov
How to convert .avi to .mov and how to upload it to BeyondMyspace.
18 Teaching Resource Tethered Shooting with Canon EOS Digital in Adobe Lightroom
This is a simple tutorial on tethered shooting.
19 Teaching Resource Creating Slideshow in iMovie 09 (or adding/editing images and soundtracks to iMovie project)
This provides basic instructions for creating slideshows using iMovie 09.
20 Teaching Resource Basic tips for preparing web movies
Steps to resize and compress movies to prepare them for the web.
21 Teaching Resource Plug-in pattern to run six Canon battery chargers on single Socket Sense surge protector
Technique for maximizing space on a single Socket Sense surge protector.
22 Teaching Resource Quickstart guide to the Edirol R-09HR
This provides information on the Edirol R-09HR, a portable digital audio recorder.
23 Teaching Resource Printing photos in the field with the Polaroid Pogo
Information on the benefits of the Polaroid Pogo and how to set up a camera to print directly to it.
24 Teaching Resource TOE 2010-11 Curriculum
This is a curriculum developed for the Robert Ho Foundation.

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