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1 Lesson Plan Writing for Comics Exercise
This lesson explores writing for the limited format of one comic page, using condensed story writing with short but impactful content.
2 Lesson Plan Catch the Moment (Shutter Speed) (2)
This lesson demonstrates the advantage of using different shutter speeds. Students are asked to shoot various types of photos.
3 Library Media Einstein with his Tongue Out
4 Library Media Title, Lee Friedlander, Year
Excellent for a teaching slide set looking at light and shadow.
5 Library Media Mark Twain and Cat
6 Teaching Activity Photo Hunt - Emphasis on Street Photography
This activity is based on the familiar Treasure Hunt game that children play, this activity sets specific parameters for shooting, including lens focal length and what to shoot, while still leaving room for creativity.
7 Teaching Activity Photographic Assignment - Navigating Your Neighborhood!
This activity builds observational skills and sensorial awareness, while shooting in a familiar area.
8 Teaching Activity 25 Vantage-Point Portraits
This activity provides a hands-on exploration of point-of-view or vantage point when shooting. It is also a good exercise to use when exploring portraiture and in stimulating students' ability to see differently.
9 Teaching Activity Collage
This hands-on activity is great for engaging youth in their own, unedited creative process, while teaching them about composition, visual narrative, deriving meaning from work, expressing creative intent, and more.
10 Teaching Activity My Muybridge (3)
This activity allows students to use a fast shutter speed to create sequences of objects/people in motion.
11 Teaching Activity Looking Closer - Exploring Aperture through Macro Photography
In this activity, Students learn to understand how to achieve various depths of field and using meter to balance exposure on manual mode.
12 Teaching Activity Give Me the Light (Shooting a Subject Outdoors Using Controlled Lighting)
This activity demonstrates how to control lighting with bounce cards or reflectors and how to recognize different types of lighting.
13 Teaching Activity Shooting ABC's (Looking Closer at the Forms around Us)
This activity allows students to take a closer look at the forms and shapes in the world and photograph different objects that look like the letters of the alphabet.
14 Teaching Activity Graffiti Artist (Intro to Layers in Photoshop)
This activity demonstrates how to combine text and image in Photoshop using layers.
15 Teaching Activity About Me (Continuation of Photoshop Tutorial)
This activity teaches students how to combine text and image in Photoshop using layers.
16 Teaching Activity "Art in the Street" (Finding Relationships Between Text and Image)
This activity demonstrates the relationship between image and text.
17 Teaching Activity What I've Always Wanted To Know About You
This activity is a good team building/ice breaker exercise when you have a large group and not a lot of time. While it does not directly teach or reinforce knowledge or skills related to art making—there are many activities on this site that do that—it is a great, active way to engage people and is fun to do.
18 Teaching Activity Paper Puppets for Cut Paper Animation
Creating a stop-motion animation with cut-out paper.
19 Teaching Activity Hula Hoop Photography
Use a hula hoop to teach perspective.
20 Teaching Activity Figure Drawing for Comics
21 Teaching Activity Practicing Interviews
An exercise to prepare students for in-the-field interviewing.
22 Teaching Activity One, Two, and Three-Point Perspective (For the Comic Artist in You)
The key concepts are setting your horizon line and what that means when making a vanishing point in one, two and three point perspective.
23 Teaching Activity Dinner Table
An exercise in which students create a story about a dinner gone awry and photograph the scene
24 Teaching Activity Filming a Conversation
An exercise for students to learn about shot composition for a scene of dialogue
25 Teaching Activity Visual/Aural Scavenger Hunt for Documentary
26 Teaching Resource Make a still image from your movie project
This is a tutorial about how to export still images from Final Cut Pro.
27 Teaching Resource L.A. on the cheap: Art for free, or for practically free
The challenge: how to keep things both real and affordable in the ongoing quest to stay in contact with art. Here are some local resources, and how to experience them for free.
28 Teaching Resource No-heat candlemaking technique
This explains how beeswax sheets can be used as an alternative to using heat in candlemaking.
29 Teaching Resource Converting&Compressing PowerPoint and KeyNote files for
Simple steps to convert PP and Keynote files to .mov for uploading to BeyondMyspace.
30 Teaching Resource Studio Tutorials - Part 1: Overview
The Venice Art's Studio is the user's very own personal workshop. This is where a Venice Art's member customizes his/her profile, create work, post blogs, and completely customize their user experience to your own liking.
31 Teaching Resource Studio Tutorials - PT. II: Express
This section explains how to use the site's blog feature and how to integrate blogging into your workshops, including some sample activities.
32 Teaching Resource Studio Tutorials - PT. IV: Create (2/2)
This explains how to edit elements of individual pieces of work such as the title and description of a piece.
33 Teaching Resource Studio Tutorials - PT. V: Communicate & Explore
This is a tutorial for the "interests" page, and our "what do you see" feature. Declare your Interests! Become interested or disinterested in topics that relate to our core programs. Hint: Cool things happen when you declare your interest in something, so encourage students to do so!
34 Teaching Resource Printing photos in the field with the Polaroid Pogo
Information on the benefits of the Polaroid Pogo and how to set up a camera to print directly to it.
35 Teaching Resource Posting FLIP Video to
This is a quick tutorial on how to post FLIP videos on
36 Teaching Resource 發布到項目庫 Posting to the Project Library
This provides instructions on how to post tutorials on a private project library.
37 Teaching Resource Cheat Sheet:
The California Visual & Performing Arts Standards

This provides an overview of the five, core Visual Art Standards and describes their relationship to Venice Arts' curriculum in easy-to-understand language.
38 Teaching Resource Activity & Lesson Plan Summary Sheet
This is the template that Venice Arts' Teaching Artists should be using to capture details about great teaching activities, lesson plans, or resources. Once complete, they can be emailed to Venice Arts Media Assistant for entry into the website.
39 Teaching Resource Help us test the Venice Arts online library
Here's a guide to what's in the library and how you can use it. Your feedback on these items is greatly appreciated.
40 Teaching Resource Using a Virtual Learning Environment
We encourage you to consider how to best integrate the web into your own programs, both to build technology skills, as well as to showcase student work.
41 Teaching Resource List of Sample Forms
This resource is a list of sample forms we offer that are available upon request.
42 Teaching Resource Library Item Creation Guide
In this section, I will walk you through how to post a new item in the Venice Arts' library.

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