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1 Lesson Plan Lumiere Reel
This lesson demonstrates how to create a Lumiere reel and introduces students to different types of lenses and shots.
2 Lesson Plan Writing for Comics Exercise
This lesson explores writing for the limited format of one comic page, using condensed story writing with short but impactful content.
3 Lesson Plan Character Discovery (Comics)
This lesson explores shapes and how artists apply them to construct the figure.
4 Lesson Plan Storyboarding a Story Plot for Comics
This lesson explores the importance of condensed writing and writing a full script for a limited, one-page comic story.
5 Lesson Plan Tie-Dyed Films
This lesson allows students to express their creativity through dying film.
6 Lesson Plan Recap of Collage Exploration
In this lesson Students are given the opportunity to reflect on the previous collage activities they have completed (Recycled Materials Robot, etc.) and learn to recreate their own robots in another collage.
7 Lesson Plan Cutout Animation
This lesson demonstrates how to use the cutout animation technique. Students are asked to create cutout animation using collage materials and to tell a story.
8 Lesson Plan Group Documentary Project
In this lesson, Students work in groups to create a short documentary. Each student in the group is given the opportunity to work on a different aspect of the filmmaking process.
9 Lesson Plan Catch the Moment (Shutter Speed) (2)
This lesson demonstrates the advantage of using different shutter speeds. Students are asked to shoot various types of photos.
10 Library Media Title, Lee Friedlander, Year
Excellent for a teaching slide set looking at light and shadow.
11 Library Media Making The Not Quite White Apartment on Irolo: A Conversation with Deanna & Jeanette
A video conversation with lead instructor Deanna and youth artist Jeanette about the process of creating a photo book. Specifically, they discuss the relationship between student and mentor.
12 Teaching Activity Writing Prompt: The House On Mango Street
In this activity, students use this creative writing prompt to write a short story or poem using House On Mango Street as inspiration.
13 Teaching Activity Writing Prompt: My Name
This activity supports a series of lessons of exploring the notion of "self" and "place" photographically using a selection from a novel, starting with an excerpt that examines "naming" and moving on to descriptive language on sense of home or place.
14 Teaching Activity Photo Hunt - Emphasis on Street Photography
This activity is based on the familiar Treasure Hunt game that children play, this activity sets specific parameters for shooting, including lens focal length and what to shoot, while still leaving room for creativity.
15 Teaching Activity Photographic Assignment - Navigating Your Neighborhood!
This activity builds observational skills and sensorial awareness, while shooting in a familiar area.
16 Teaching Activity Character Discovery
This activity explores shapes and how artists apply them to construct the figure.
17 Teaching Activity Humanitarian Research (Or Any Central Researched Theme)
This activity emphasizes the importance of research and accurately representing factual information.
18 Teaching Activity 25 Vantage-Point Portraits
This activity provides a hands-on exploration of point-of-view or vantage point when shooting. It is also a good exercise to use when exploring portraiture and in stimulating students' ability to see differently.
19 Teaching Activity Compositing Exercise
This activity demonstrates how to create composite images using PhotoShop. It also introduces students to the notion of constructing images in photography from their imagination.
20 Teaching Activity Motion Studies
This activity demonstrates how to take photos using long and short exposure times and introduces various types of motion photography.
21 Teaching Activity Photo Hunt
This activity focuses on capturing the energy of a place or situation. It allows students to practice taking a wide variety of photos and develop their observation skills.
22 Teaching Activity Self-Portraits
This activity encourages students to create various types of self portraits. It allows students to strengthen their storytelling skills and creativity.
23 Teaching Activity Favorites
This activity allows students to develop their storytelling abilities through the use of visual images.
24 Teaching Activity Mosaic Masks
This activity provides students with a background on mosaic technique and allows them to create their own mosaic masks.
25 Teaching Activity Mini-Me (Body Outline Sketches)
This activity allows students to develop a sense of self and to express their feelings and thoughts through self portraits.
26 Teaching Activity Ocean Habitats
This activity introduces the idea of recycling as art. Students are asked to create an ocean habitat using scrap-recycled materials.
27 Teaching Activity Robot Re-creation
This activity allows students to look back on the previous exercise the completed, Recycled Materials Robot, and express what they learned. Students use their imagination to develop a story about the robot they have created.
28 Teaching Activity Favorite Scene Remake
This activity allows students to look at their favorite scenes from a movie or TV show and allows them to recreate the scene. Students develop their ideas using storyboards and execute their plans through making a short.
29 Teaching Activity Photobooth Animation
This activity teaches students various types of animation and allows them to create their own animations using themselves or other objects.
30 Teaching Activity Pixilation
This activity allows students to create pixilation projects in groups.
31 Teaching Activity Clay Animation
This activity allows students to create Clay Animation using iStopMotion or FrameThief.
32 Teaching Activity My Muybridge (3)
This activity allows students to use a fast shutter speed to create sequences of objects/people in motion.
33 Teaching Activity Looking Closer - Exploring Aperture through Macro Photography
In this activity, Students learn to understand how to achieve various depths of field and using meter to balance exposure on manual mode.
34 Teaching Activity Give Me the Light (Shooting a Subject Outdoors Using Controlled Lighting)
This activity demonstrates how to control lighting with bounce cards or reflectors and how to recognize different types of lighting.
35 Teaching Activity Origin of Cave Art Activity
Origin of art/cave art, creative thinking, observation, artistic analysis, practical painting techniques.
36 Teaching Activity Speed Painting with Ketchup and French Fries
YouTube video demonstrates what you do can do with fresh McDonald's French Fries and 10 packets of Ketchup. A 50 minute speed painting session plays in 4 mins. Ketchup as paint and french fries as a paint brush.
37 Teaching Activity Paper Puppets for Cut Paper Animation
Creating a stop-motion animation with cut-out paper.
38 Teaching Activity Collaged Portraits
Using photoshop, students collage close-up/detail photographs to create a portrait.
39 Teaching Activity Painting with Light
Use long exposures to create "light paintings".
40 Teaching Activity Figure Drawing for Comics
41 Teaching Activity Learning Cinematic Language
A shooting exercise to develop skills in narrative filmmaking
42 Teaching Activity One, Two, and Three-Point Perspective (For the Comic Artist in You)
The key concepts are setting your horizon line and what that means when making a vanishing point in one, two and three point perspective.
43 Teaching Activity Image & Text: Pictures Say A Thousand Words?
An exercise to show the impact of image and photographs.
44 Teaching Activity Visual/Aural Scavenger Hunt for Documentary
45 Teaching Resource A brief introduction to image filetypes important to photographers
Understand the basic differences between image filetypes such as JPEG, RAW, PNG, and others.
46 Teaching Resource Eugene talks about storytelling
This is a short video clip on artist-mentor, Eugene Ahn, talking about the central importance of storytelling in making documentary work.
47 Teaching Resource Make a still image from your movie project
This is a tutorial about how to export still images from Final Cut Pro.
48 Teaching Resource No-heat candlemaking technique
This explains how beeswax sheets can be used as an alternative to using heat in candlemaking.
49 Teaching Resource Take an iPhone screenshot
Learn how to take screenshots using an iPhone.
50 Teaching Resource Converting&Compressing PowerPoint and KeyNote files for
Simple steps to convert PP and Keynote files to .mov for uploading to BeyondMyspace.
51 Teaching Resource Converting .avi movie files to .mov
How to convert .avi to .mov and how to upload it to BeyondMyspace.
52 Teaching Resource Tethered Shooting with Canon EOS Digital in Adobe Lightroom
This is a simple tutorial on tethered shooting.
53 Teaching Resource Creating Slideshow in iMovie 09 (or adding/editing images and soundtracks to iMovie project)
This provides basic instructions for creating slideshows using iMovie 09.
54 Teaching Resource Making a Negative Sandwich in the Darkroom
How to print two different negatives at the same time to create one image.
55 Teaching Resource Wet-on-wet watercolor painting
This is a tutorial on how to create wet-on-wet watercolor painting which is a useful method to study color and mood with little form.
56 Teaching Resource Basic tips for preparing web movies
Steps to resize and compress movies to prepare them for the web.
57 Teaching Resource Quickstart guide to the Edirol R-09HR
This provides information on the Edirol R-09HR, a portable digital audio recorder.
58 Teaching Resource Printing photos in the field with the Polaroid Pogo
Information on the benefits of the Polaroid Pogo and how to set up a camera to print directly to it.
59 Teaching Resource TOE 2010-11 Curriculum
This is a curriculum developed for the Robert Ho Foundation.
60 Teaching Resource The Learning Arc
In this learning resource, we lay out how we think of each cycle at our program as representing a learning arc, beginning with introductory knowledge and skill development and resulting in the editing of work for a final exhibit or screening.
61 Teaching Resource Overview of Structure and Staffing
In this resource, we go over staffing a mentoring program. In order to achieve our goal of at least one artist for every three youth, we engage professional artists as Volunteer artist-mentors.
62 Teaching Resource Venice Arts Curricular Guide
The Venice Arts Curricular Guide presents a model of linked mentoring and education. This is the downloadable print version of the online version available at Written by Lynn Warshafsky.
63 Teaching Resource Library Item Creation Guide
In this section, I will walk you through how to post a new item in the Venice Arts' library.

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