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The Grandness of the Grand Canyon: Cheo's Once in a Lifetime Trip

First of all, getting invited to go to the Grand Canyon with all expenses paid(minus transportation) by itself is a extremely rare opportunity. But, getting a Grand Canyon trip to the bottom of the canyon and drift for over 100 miles down the river will take more than a lifetime of luck to get again. And so, i'm here to share, my experience of my trip rafting down the grand canyon.

On the first day of the trip we woke up early(previously camped at the rim of the canyon) and started this long tiring hike down. While not many surprising happened, the hike down was still extremely cool because you when you lower down the trail the types of rocks on the walls change their layers making it feel like a different place every time the rocks change. The first surprising thing that happened to me actually happened at the very end of the trail when we were at the floor of the canyon. When i was walking past what seems to be a log with a weird thick branch sticking out of it, i just barely pass the weird branch when it moved and shot out over the log onto the trail, and for a few seconds this deer that i felt came out of nowhere was a yard in front of me, and then it ran past the bushes on the other side of the trail and was gone. That was what rejuvenated my excitement for the trip since during the hike i got so tired i started forgetting what an amazing place i was in, but that moment revived me.

The next few days were full of instructions and river rapids. First we had to learn how to put all our stuff in these dry bags so our stuff wouldn't get wet during the rapids, which if not rolled and tightened correctly you’ll wind up with all your stuff wet until you dry it off on a rock which from experience learned scorpions really like to hide those wet clothes so do be careful when picking them up afterwards.

We travel the rest of the 100 and so mile trip by riding these large rubber rafts with the boatmen/women staring them in the currents. We frequently stopped at points of interests about around 3 times a day and a campsite before it starts getting dark because it requires sometime to unpack everyone's bags, set up the kitchen and groover(box toilet).

Out of the many stop we went to the three that really stood out to me was definitely havasupai (blue-green water indian reservation) it was like a resort island with this cool looking clear turquoise water that ran down from pool to pool creating different types of natural funs stuff they're from some deep pools, some with rock slides you can use floaties and go down, and my personal favorite a scrambler waterfall. The scrambler waterfall is pretty much this waterfall that has a bolder next to it, you can jump off it into the waterfall and get scrambled and spun in the water and spit out further down the stream making a really awesome ride. So, all in alla really beautiful place with lots of stuff to do.

My other favorite spot there is this really high waterfall that creates this really powerful jet of wind ima guess because the impact of the water on water pushes the air away, but anyway it makes this really powerful wind that makes it pretty challenging to touch the backside of the waterfall which if you're up for it is a really fun and kinda hard task to complete.

My third favorite place was this kinda froggish place. To get there we had to walk past there little frog breeding pools that went deeper into the mountain. The really cool thing about them was that the higher you went up into the mountain the earlier stages of the frog's life they were in. near the top of the mountain there was tadpoles and little tadpoles with legs, and at the bottom there was little frogs with mini tails, so just being able to see that was pretty cool. Straight up neat stuff.

By the time we started heading home i was actually surprised that i wasn’t feeling bad about leaving the place. I had met a bunch of new friends there, seen a bunch of cool sites, got to chop some food and do some science so i was the utmost satisfied with the trip. But the funny thing is, the only time i started to miss the Grand Canyon is now, when i’m finally writing about it and the adventures i had. If i had the opportunity to go back to the grand canyon, i still would take it, but i would give it up so that someone new could experience the Grandness, of the Grand Canyon.  
Posted Tuesday, August 23, 2016 at 9:40AM | Leave a comment

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