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Scott Oshima

Program Coordinator

Scott Oshima received a BFA in Photography & Media from the California Institute of the Arts. Scott has been called Scottie Pippen, Scotty-Dot and Beam-Me-Up-Scotty in elementary school; Scott-Don't and Scotty-Too-Hotty (the wrestler) in middle school; Scotty-Doesn't-Know in high school; and Scotch Tape in college. Scott's wondering what is next...


Artist Mentor in Twin Cities: Hong Kong & LA (Ages 14-18)
Web Guru in Advanced Studies: Internship Program
Web Master in Venice Arts Web Developers
Project Ghost in Building Healthy Communities: South Kern Documentary Project
Invitee in The House Is Small But The Welcome Is Big
Project Ghost in Building Healthy Communities: South and East Merced
Staff in Picturing Health: Southern and Central California
Magician in Breaking Website—Tell us all about it!
Participant in From Senegal: Stories that Demand to be Heard
Internship Wizard in College & Post-Graduate Internship Program
Blogs, art, and stories from Venice Arts' Interns

Organizer in The Institute for Photographic Empowerment
Organizer in Intermediate Photo Stories: Los Angeles Stories

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Advanced Studies Filmmaking Students Visit Adaptive Studios

Curated by Scott | Items: 9

Behind the Scenes at the Natural History Museum of LA

The images in this gallery represent the culmination of a Summer photography workshop for students, ages 14–18. Students took a deep dive into the inner workings of the Natural History Museum and its departments of crustacea, herpetology, malacology, mammalogy, and ornithology. Students learned about the museum collections as they honed their unique style and technical abilities in researching, writing, interviewing, and environmental portraiture!

Curated by Scott | Items: 10

Art Mentoring Workshops in Action

This spring, Venice Arts will be filled with over 145 students in 14 media arts workshops!
This academic year, classes are exploring "Venice Stories," from comics about westside prehistoric dinosaurs to portraits of long-time Venetians in Advanced Photography. Together these stories will form a vibrant tapestry of the history of Venice, through the personal stories of longtime residents, artists, and community leaders, as captured from the perspectives of our youth participants.

Spring workshops begin on February 11th. For more information about our youth art workshops, click here or call 310-392-0846!

Curated by Scott | Items: 10

On the College Track!

In 2016, Venice Arts launched an expansion of our popular College Track program, which provides support for college to both our middle- and high-school aged students, as well as to their families. Aligned with our Advanced Studies Program, which offers honors-level classes, internships, and support for competitions and scholarships, College Track provides 1:1 college counseling; Fall and Spring "College Day" programs; a Career Day; 1:1 mentoring; and support for writing the personal essay.

Last Fall, 50 of Venice Arts' kids, and 20 of their family members, attended College Day—a record turn-out! Workshops covered college options, the application process, financial aid, essay writing, and career preparation. Many thanks to the following, outstanding organizations for their contributions to this successful day: The Neighborhood Youth Association, Jewish Vocational Services, and Loyola Marymount University. Special thanks, as well, to 826LA Mar Vista for allowing us to place 5 students in their UC Personal Insight Question workshops, and to members of our incredible team of volunteers who led a workshop section: Loren (college counseling), Mel (essay writing), and Mike (the college process).

This Spring, in addition to our College Day, we are planning a special Career Day that will focus on the many ways in which people work in Los Angeles' largest creative industries.

For more information about our College Program please contact Scott Oshima at or 310-392-0846.

Curated by Scott | Items: 9

Open Mic/Open Projector

Venice Arts' Overpriced Popcorn Productions, made up of seven of our student leaders, hosted their second event: Open Mic/Open Projector. Students, families, and friends joined us for a night of performances and short films by youth ages 0–19.

We saw Kelly play violin, Carson and Rise play guitar, Tal play ukulele, Jenson breakdance, and Kashi and Khayman show off their martial arts skills. After the Open Mic, we watched a curated screening of youth-produced short animations, films, and trailers.

And of course, we all shared not-so overpriced popcorn. Keep an eye on Overpriced Popcorn's next youth events!

Curated by Scott | Items: 10

Student Photos of Wishtoyo's Malibu Chumash Village

Our Introductory Photography class is wrapping up twelve weeks of documenting and exploring the importance of California’s coast and the relationship between a healthy ocean and healthy community. At Wishtoyo's Malibu Chumash Village, a ceremonial elder, Mati Waiya, invites the students to join in song and a four seasons' ceremony as he shares Chumash views on balance, sustainability, and maintaining our relationship with nature. Mati Waiya also discussed the power of viewpoint, aesthetics, and ethics in visual media, as he encouraged the students to consider ways in which our use of technology might bring us closer to nature.

Check out more images from their field trip here!

Curated by Scott | Items: 16

Contrasting Communities

Curated by Scott | Items: 10

Sports Culture

Curated by Scott | Items: 9


Our project is about youth and pop culture. Our photographs show that pop is everywhere, and we tried to capture its vibrancy and color. Pop culture makes up the teen society that we live in and are a part of. It influences everything, from social media to music to clothing to friendships. We also hope to show how Angelenos are always trying to be different or the modern-day trendsetter, but somehow fit in with everyone else. Being unique is in. Pop culture moves, evolves, and is always changing. We are always wondering what will trend next. This is what makes pop culture pop.

Curated by Scott | Items: 11

Students' Opening Reception for 224 Miles at G2 Gallery

Family, friends, and Venice Arts' mentors joined Advanced Studies students Chelsea, Leo, Mark and Zinnia for the opening of their photography exhibition, 224 Miles at the G2 Gallery (January 17–March 1, 2015). The exhibition showcases photographs and videos taken during the students' life-changing expedition through the Grand Canyon with Grand Canyon Youth

To see images from the exhibition and for more info, click here.

About The G2 Gallery

The G2 Gallery is an award-winning nature and wildlife photography gallery that facilitates change by bringing attention to environmental issues through the persuasive power of photographic art. G2 shares this passion with both celebrated and emerging environmental photographers, who use the camera as a tool to inspire conservation.

All reception photographs courtesy of G2 Gallery.

Curated by Scott | Items: 12

Venice Arts' Advanced Photo Students at Photo LA 2015

For the second year, Venice Arts' Advanced Photography students will be exhibiting at Photo LA international photography exposition! Come stop by to see a selection of images from their independent documentary projects, and meet the students, teaching artists, volunteer mentors, and staff.

Booth #630
Photo LA at the REEF/LA Mart
1933 Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90007

For more information about Photo LA 2015, click here.

Curated by Scott | Items: 8

Portraits of Our Advanced Studies Seniors

Advanced Studies students Angela, Leo and Rickie reflect back on their years spent at Venice Arts and their futures as young photographers and filmmakers.

Curated by Scott | Items: 3

First Week of Fall 2014 Workshops!

This Fall, we are filled to capacity with over 135 students, ages 8 to 18, taking one of our sixteen workshops and labs in photography, filmmaking, animation, comics and media arts! Check out the first of twelve weeks, as students learn the fundamentals of their medium or hone their skills with intermediate and advanced workshops.

Workshops filled quicker than ever, so be ready for New Student Spring Registration on Saturday, January 10!

Click here for the workshop schedule, and more information about our Spring 2015 session.

Curated by Scott | Items: 15

Best of Spring 2014: Photography

During our Spring session, over 130 students took workshops in filmmaking, animation, comics, photography and media arts. After all their hard work, each student had a photograph or film in our annual culminating exhibition and screening! As always, our workshops are FREE for low-income families! Check out this selection of photographs from our Spring youth workshops!

Curated by Scott | Items: 11

Best of Summer 2014: Photography

During our Summer Media Arts Camp 2014, over 130 students ages 10-18 took intensive workshops in filmmaking, animation, comics and photography. As always, our workshops are FREE for low-income families! Check out this selection of photographs from our youth workshops in documentary and conceptual photography!

Curated by Scott | Items: 15

Venice Arts Students Take a Transformational Trip Through the Grand Canyon

With cameras in tow to document their experience, four Venice Arts advanced photo and film students, Leo, Zinnia, Chelsea, and Mark, left this week on the journey of a lifetime to explore and document the Grand Canyon!

Last year, Venice Arts exhibited the work of four fine art photographers who had documented the spectacular landscape of the Grand Canyon basin during a trip along the Colorado River. The exhibition, which was organized as a benefit to set up the Young Explorer Fund, was initiated by Santa Monica-based photographer Jasmine Swope, who wanted to share the transformative experience she had had in the Grand Canyon with local youth. Now, through a partnership with an organization called Grand Canyon Youth, four of our students have the opportunity to document a similar journey. On the ten-day trip, students will raft down the Colorado River and hike through the Grand Canyon, learning about geology, history, plants, and wildlife and using their surroundings as inspiration for artistic works. The work they produce will be exhibited on the Rim of the Canyon.

Check out some of the students' previous work produced at Venice Arts in the gallery above and links below, and stay tuned for highlights from their trip when they return at the end of July!

To watch Wilds by Chelsea, click here.
To watch Train of Thought by Leo, click here.

Curated by Scott | Items: 10

The Student Culminating Exhibition

Images from the Student Culminating Exhibition—a finale to a year of hard work by students, teaching artists, and mentors. The exhibit showcases the best of our students’ films, photographs, animations, comics, and mixed- and multi-media pieces from the 2013–14 academic-year workshops.

Each year, over 400 students, ages 8–18 participate in our award-winning Art Mentoring workshops, exploring their creativity and learning about visual storytelling through after-school, weekend, and summer workshops. These workshops are free for low income families and give students a chance to work with talented teaching artists and high-quality professional equipment, jumpstarting their personal artistic exploration.

Curated by Scott | Items: 11

Best of Fall 2013: Photography

Enjoy this selection of photography from our Fall 2013 beginning, intermediate and advanced photography workshops in digital and film!

Curated by Scott | Items: 15

Open Studio: Double Exposure Selfies

In honor of the Oxford English Dictionary's addition of the word "selfie" and Valentine's Day 2014, Open Studio kicked off the Spring with some digital double exposure selfies! Students learned about early portrait photography, silhouettes and photographic memorabilia, and discussed how to express emotions through images. The students took a profile portrait and then photographed around the neighborhood to find the perfect expression of their mood. Using Photoshop, the students digitally double-exposed their images to create these wonderful selfies!

Curated by Scott | Items: 10

Open Studio: Painting with Light with Christina

Curated by Scott | Items: 11

Open Studio: Toy Theatre with Christina

For our second series of workshops with visiting artist Christina Simons, students created shoebox toy theatres and photographed them using painting-with-light techniques! After discussing composition and emotional content in a photographic frame, students designed and created miniature sets in the three-dimensional frame of a shoebox. Some students even added moving parts, jumping Canadian cake puppets and rotating backgrounds! Students then used long-exposure lighting techniques that they learned during Christina's Painting with Light and Light Animation workshops to bring their sets to life!

Curated by Scott | Items: 9

Open Studio: Light Animations with Christina

Christina Simons, Open Studio's visiting artist, taught students to create simple animations comprised of long-exposure photographs! Students used the skills from the previous week's workshop on light painting and drawing, using the bulb setting on their digital cameras. More importantly, we got to play with inflatable musical instruments, flashlights with color filters and finger lights!

Curated by Scott | Items: 14

Film & Animation: Fall 2013

These selections are a small sample of the many films written, produced, and directed by our talented students during the Fall 2013 session. Enjoy!

Curated by Scott | Items: 4

Treeman Visits Comics

The Venice Treeman pops in for a visit, models for the kids in the Comics class, and talks to them about the meaning of art and creativity.

Curated by Scott | Items: 6

First Week of Spring 2014 Youth Art Workshops!

Venice Arts' first week of spring workshops has been a blast! Over 150 students are enrolled in our 12 workshops (and 4 labs) in photography, filmmaking, animation, comics and media arts. As always, we offer high-quality media arts workshops that are FREE for low-income families. For more information or our class schedule, please click here.

Check out the gallery to see some of our workshops and students in action!

We also have off-site programs at Mar Vista Family Center, Olympic High School, Hyde Park Library and Pico-Union Library.

Curated by Scott | Items: 12

Closing Day at Hollywood Park

Venice Arts' Advanced Studies (AS) Photography students Mark and Angela, as well as VA alumna Timmie were invited to photograph the closing-day horse races at Hollywood Park. The students gained hands-on professional photography experience by running a photo-booth and documenting a farewell party. They were also able to document this historic and quite sad moment in Los Angeles history—capturing the excitement of the races alongside the loss of a 75-year old establishment.

Read Timmie's blog about her experience returning to Venice Arts as a college student and photographing this event!

A special thanks to our Board Member Emeritus Joy Simmons, and Appolos Coleman, for giving our students this incredible opportunity!

Curated by Scott | Items: 16

Twin Cities: Hong Kong & Los Angeles

This gallery features work by our Advanced Studies' participants in Los Angeles, and teens in Hong Kong, who were worked for a year on a collaborative photo project that was exhibited in both Los Angeles and Hong Kong. Called Twin Cities, these young artists focused their cameras on family members and the world around them, their lives as they transition into adulthood, and the commonalities they found with their peers across the ocean.

Curated by Scott | Items: 17

Fall Open House 2013!

Families and friends were invited to check out what our students have been up to during this Fall's workshops! Families took a tour of the darkroom, watched a few works-in-progress and got to know our staff, instructors and artist mentors.

Families also learned about the many opportunities that we offer, including our Advanced Studies program, college readiness workshops, and our Youth Internship program!

For more information about our youth workshops and programs, please email!

Curated by Scott | Items: 7

Open Studios Fall 2013

This Fall, Venice Arts launched its new Open Studios program on Friday evenings, which connect students in our Art Mentoring program with visiting artists for short workshops on a range of fun learning activities related to photography, animation, and filmmaking. Students get a chance to experiment in new art forms––such as puppetry, pinhole photography, and musical instruments––with professional artists. They also go on field trips, curate their own film screenings and hang out with their Venice Arts friends! This program advances our strategic goals of increasing access to Venice Arts as an after-school destination and deepening learning opportunities for middle- and high-school aged youth enrolled in our programs.

Visiting Artist Workshops for Fall 2013:
Click their name to check out their websites!
Wayne Martin Belger and his crazy pinhole cameras
Andy Gohlich: pinhole photography and rayograms
Nicole Emmons: shadow puppetry
Jane Parrott: experiments in set design
Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle: make your own musical instruments
Sara Rara: TBA

Curated by Scott | Items: 23

Fall 2013 First Week!

Our Fall 2013 session began this week with over 165 enrollments in our Photography, Film, Animation, Comics and Art Discovery workshops! We are so excited to work with these talented and enthusiastic students for our 20th year of offering high-quality, accessible youth arts workshops!

Curated by Scott | Items: 8

Picturing Race: PBS News Hour Story

This is a news piece by Ann Taylor Fleming that showed on the News Hour with Jim Lehrer in 2002. It includes photographs taken by the young people, ages 8 to 16, that Venice Arts' took to the World Conference Against Racism (2001), as well as interviews of some of the kids. Enjoy!

Curated by Scott | Items: 1

Summer Media Arts Camp 2012

Check out images from our 4th annual Summer Media Arts Camp! Serving over 120 young students, we offered 24 one-week, daily workshops in Photography, Film, Animation, and Comics. Workshops were open to ALL youth, ages 10-18, and were FREE for low-income families! Students worked with professional, working artists and mentors, and we provided all the needed equipment and software!

Curated by Scott | Items: 9

Venice Arts' 19th Anniversary Gala!

Venice Arts celebrated its 19th birthday with a festive gala on November 3rd, 2012!

Two of our very own and very dear student artists, Julie and Jeanette, also shared their incredible stories and talked about Venice Arts' influence in their lives and artwork. Check out this video on the making of Jeanette's book The Not Quite White Apartment on Irolo here.

We also honored our longtime Venice Arts' friends Karen & Dann Florek, and Leigh Johnson & Tom Wright with two video portraits by The Blue J's: Jocelyn, Julie & Jimmy! Watch these videos and past portraits here!

Thank you all for your continued support of this vital community arts program! To another year, y mucho mucho más!

Click on any of the green-highlighted student names to see more of their work, words and wisdoms!

Curated by Scott | Items: 12

So Long, Deanna, Nuestra Señora del Pad See Ew Take-Out

We heart Deanna!

Curated by Scott | Items: 0

Summer Camp: Movie Madness Class Trip to Cortez Brothers!

The Movie Madness: Storytelling class took a trip to the Cortez Brothers production company! A special thanks to Bernadette and Michelle!

Curated by Scott | Items: 2

Au revoir, Cathy – Nuestra Señora de las Enchiladas

We HEART Cathy!

Curated by Scott | Items: 1

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