2019-2020 Youth Workshops

FALL: September 14, 2019 - December 14, 2019

No classes: Saturday, November 2, 2018 | November 26-30 2019: Thanksgiving Break

SPRING: February 4, 2020 - May 2, 2020

No classes: April 7, 2020 - April 11, 2020 | Culminating Exhibition & Potluck: May 16, 2020

*FREE for low-income families

Each class is 24-weeks long, 12 weeks in the Fall and 12 weeks in the Spring. Initial enrollment takes place in the Fall with re-enrollment for the same class in the Spring. Registration is in-person and by appointment only, no drop-ins accepted. Call 310.392.0846 to schedule an appointment!

Spring Re-Enrollment

  • CONTINUING Students: on a rolling basis beginning Saturday, November 9th

  • NEW Students: on a rolling basis beginning Saturday, December 7th

Venice Arts’ programs are FREE for low-income families. To see if your family qualifies, you MUST bring the following income documentation from both parents/guardians to your appointment: Most recent pay stubs, 2018 tax return,  OR dated proof of public benefits.

For all others, workshops are $550 per 12-week session. Advanced Studies workshops are $1100 per 12-week session, and meet for 4 hours weekly. Advanced students are offered equipment on loan, dedicated lab time, and receive one-on-one mentoring.

*We do our best to accommodate all children; however, low-income families receive priority.

Tuesdays 4–6pm


Ages 14–18 | INT./ADV.

Returning students: Perfect your craft through character and story development, and deepen your Photoshop skills. Younger students may participate with permission from instructor.


Direct This
Ages 12–16 | Int. FILM

Deepen your understanding of shot composition, editing, and sound, while building skills in storytelling and directing. Participation is by permission of instructor.


Wednesdays, 4–6pm


Camera Work
Ages 14–18 | Beg. Photo

Take to the streets of Venice in this digital photography class, and capture the diverse stories of the neighborhood! Develop your creative and technical skills while developing your personal style.


Moving Image
Ages 14–18 | Beg./adv. beg. film

Get a hands-on immersion into the filmmaking process as you work in teams to complete a short film.




Ages 10–18 | Beg.

Learn the basics of storytelling through comics, and how to hand draw, scan, ink, and letter your stories. 

Ages 12–16 | Int. Photo

Continue to develop your own personal style and storytelling skills through photography. Participation is by permission of instructor.


Reel Visions 2
Ages 10–13 |  adv. Beg./Int. Film  

Dive into film production as you capture the energy of Venice and other local areas. Learn storyboarding, directing, and editing, while creating a short film.


Fridays, 4–6 pm

Ages 10–13 | Beg.

Students learn fundamentals of animation using Dragonframe software to create short stop motion animated films. The Spring session focuses on creating a short animated film and students learn about storyboarding, character design and editing.


Saturday MorningS, 10am–12pm


Reel Visions 1
Ages 10–13  Beg. Film

Dive into film production as you capture the energy of Venice and other local areas. Learn storyboarding, directing, and editing, while creating a short film.

Snap the Frame
Ages 10–13 | Beg.

Share your vision of Venice through digital photography! Learn how to compose your photos, freeze and blur motion, and see light more dynamically.


art discovery
Ages 8–9 | Beg. Art

Learn the fundamentals of visual art, experimenting with a range of media, from drawing and painting to photography and animation!

Photo stories
Ages 10–13 | Int. Photo

Deepen your knowledge of digital photography while focusing on composition, technical skills, and visual storytelling. Participation is by permission of instructor.


Saturday Afternoons, 1 PM–5 PM


Advanced Film
Ages 14–18 | Int./Adv. Film

Deepen your technical and storytelling skills, collaborate with other young filmmakers, and create a film with impact! Learn advanced techniques in cinematography and post-production. Participation is by permission of instructor. 

Advanced Photo
Ages 14–18 | Int./Adv. Photo

Delve into the creative process by researching and developing your personal photography projects. Deepen your technical and storytelling skills, and push your style while learning new approaches to documentary photography. Participation is by permission of instructor.


For more information, email info@venicearts.org or call 310.392.0846.