Gala Honorees


Exceptional young artist: Silvia curiel

Silvia print rez.jpg

Silvia joined Venice Arts in 2014 and, after only a year, showed such exceptional talent that she was invited to be a participant in our Advanced Studies: Photography program. 

Silvia’s first long-term, personal project was about growing up in Los Angeles on the cusp of two cultures: Oaxacan and American. To realize her project, she immersed herself in Los Angeles’ large Oaxacan community and traditions, documenting the people in her own life, as well as at Los Angeles’ many Oaxacan festivals. Her final work—exhibited at Venice Arts and compiled in a beautiful book—included her written reflections on materialism, women's roles, and the importance of family and religion in shaping identity.

Over the years, Silvia has developed a strong personal style and has become quite an accomplished photographer. Her work has been exhibited at Venice Arts (2015-2019); at Photo LA (2015-2019); and at the Annenberg Space for Photography’s Photoville exhibit (2019), where she was also on a panel discussing her work and creative process.

Now a student at Santa Monica College and hoping to become a photojournalist, Silvia remains involved at Venice Arts. She has worked as a Teaching Assistant in our Summer Media Arts Camp and has received two paid internships through Venice Arts’ Creative Pathways program: at Univision and Dreamworks.  

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