UNTITLED, by Arthur C., age 17. Venice, CA


UNTITLED, by Arthur C., age 17. Venice, CA

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Arthur began taking classes at Venice Arts in 2009, starting with a documentary photography class about Venice Beach. Since then, he has expanded his artistic exploration to include animation and analogue photography. These photographs reveals Arthur’s keen graphic sensibility and strong compositional skills. Arthur has experimented with a variety of art mediums including photography, painting, and music production. In his photo work, he focuses on form, breaking everything down to graphics and geometry.

Arthur has received multiple awards for his work, including the Silver Award from the National YoungArts Foundation, which included a $5,000 scholarship. Arthur is currently a freshman at New York University, where he received a scholarship.

In Arthur’s own words:

“I started taking photos seriously in 2012 and have grown and experimented with the medium ever since. I shoot both film and digital, however my artistic process involves post-production in Photoshop regardless of what the photo was shot with. My work is consistently focused on abstractions of shapes and colors, and I am constantly searching for textures and spaces that I find aesthetically pleasing. I have worked with other forms of art such as drawing and painting but for some reason I was never confident in myself or my abilities until I was able to shoot behind a camera. It allowed me to step back and look at life in a different perspective, without worrying about the outcome. Whether I take a “good” or “bad” photograph, I’m usually just as excited and enthusiastic about it just for the sake of holding on to memories of the things and people that I find important in my life. To be able to look back through photographs and recognize aspects of the photo or memories of that day that you didn’t see before is really special. In that sense, photography has been a big influence on my life. Although I continue to test new mediums, photography is and will be a constant part of my life. “