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Comics for a Cause: Venice Arts Unveils New Student Comic Book A saga one year in the making, Venice Arts' newly released comic book, Energy Vampires and Water Goblins, explores issues related to co ... | Curated by Venice Arts | Click to view and comment


Our Ocean's Edge: Youth Explore the Marine Environment

“Children are nature’s pure expression of life. It’s important that we nurture their intuitive and emotional connection to our environment. ...

ART MENTORING Curated by Elysa | Items: 11

Lights, Camera, Action! Advanced Filmmaking Students on Set for New Project

With the support of professional directors and producers, the students of the Venice Arts’ Advanced Filmmaking Workshop have accomplished so ...

ART MENTORING Curated by Venice Arts | Items: 7


Voices of the Forest: Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand

This project represents the extraordinary short videos that were created as an outcome of a training program in participatory-video and stor ...

Project image: 3 Children by Lynn: Cambodia stories: The network of villages protecting the forests from illegal logging; women's emerging roles; foraging for food for pe ...


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