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Venice Arts Students Take a Transformational Trip through the Grand Canyon "It was honestly really amazing... like the most amazing experience of my entire life. Being in the Grand Canyon ... I've learned ... | Curated by Venice Arts | Click to view and comment


Fun Fall Events at Venice Arts!

We're gearing up for back-to-back activities here at Venice Arts. From the start of our fall Art Mentoring workshops to an internationa ...

GALLERY & PUBLIC PROGRAMS Curated by Elysa | Items: 6

Ten Years Later: Revisiting In a New Land

In 2004, Venice Arts taught Russian immigrant and refugee teens living in West Hollywood to tell their stories through the lens of a camera. ...

DOCUMENTARY Curated by Venice Arts | Items: 10

2014 Summer Media Arts Camp was a Blast

Spy Cameras! Human Anatomy! Microscopes! Kites! The many faces of our 2014 Summer Media Arts Camp. During our four-week camp, over 130 stude ...

Curated by Venice Arts | Items: 13


Picturing Health: Southern and Central California

“I walk down this street everyday...some things I never noticed until I looked through a camera’s lens.” This work is by California teens ...

Project image: Stories of Teen Pregnancy by Lynn: One of two multimedia pieces on teen pregnancy from California's Central Valley Community of Southern Kern. [From Picturing Health, Sou ...

From Senegal: Stories that Demand to be Heard

In January 2013 a team from Venice Arts traveled to Senegal to work with the extraordinary Non-governmental Organization (NGO)Tostan, teachi ...

Project image: Health=Soap and Water by Lynn: One of the changes in many villages is improved hygiene through such things as using soap when cleaning plates and utensils; having a regula ...


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