Equipment Donations

Support our Talented Kids with donated photography & filmmaking equipment

We are looking for high-quality, used equipment to supplement what we have in our photography and film programs. We have two needs: 

Youth Media Side 2.JPG
  1. To increase equipment available for check-out by our award-winning intermediate/advanced students. 
  2. To provide each Advanced Studies' student with equipment when she or he graduates. (Our long-term hope: to seed a revolving fund of about $5,000 for this purpose). 

Have equipment you're not using?

By clearing space in your life you are supporting extraordinary, talented young people—with extremely limited financial resources—to flourish. 



(Good working order, only, please!):

Laptops and Desktops (Mac only)

Digital Photography

  • Digital SLR Cameras: Canon Rebel (multiple model numbers), T3i–T7i, 30D, 10D, and 5D; 430 and 580 flash units, or equivalent; Nikon D70, D90, D100, D200, D300; Other quality brands
  • Extra pro lenses, variety of types, for cameras
  • Flash units (as example, 430 and 580 Canon)
  • Filters, batteries, flashes, media cards, card readers
  • Hot lights
  • Battery operated LED lights
  • Pocket Wizards
  • Photo quality, inkjet printers
  • Card readers

Film Photography

SLR FILM CAMERAS (for check-out to students in our black-and-white film classes) & a variety of related lenses: Older cameras with metal parts are better than those with newer, plastic bodies. We prefer Nikon for film (F Series) and are trying to build a collection of the same brand, as it makes it much easier to teach. However, if you have other, high quality SLR film cameras, we would gladly accept them and include them in our loaner pool for very advanced students, or in our graduate "packages."


  • Enlargers in good working order (especially Bessler enlargers)
  • Enlarger Easels
  • Negative Drying Cabinet
  • Timers for the Enlargers
  • Fiber-based and RC Paper
  • 50mm Enlarger Lenses



  • Shotgun mics
  • Lavalier mics
  • Fresnel lighting instruments
  • Flags
  • Bounce cards


Questions? Ready to dust something off and send it our way?

Please contact Issa Sharp at or 310.392.0846.