Gregg Michael Zwirn Memorial Scholarship Fund


Photographer Gregg Michael Zwirn

Venice Arts is honored that the family of photographer Gregg Michael Zwirn has chosen to pay tribute to Gregg's memory through the creation of a fund that will support the next generation of young photographers enrolled in our program.

Gregg Michael Zwirn had an eye for beauty and mystery. With his cameras always with him, in a knapsack that he carried everywhere, Gregg's innate sense of composition and curiosity guided him, propelling him to capture natural and man-made phenomena, and revealing the essence of people, places, and animals. He played with panoramic views, and enjoyed exaggeration and distortion. A keen eye as penetrating as his sense of humor, Gregg participated in photo and video shoots with musicians and professional athletes, and photographed a wide range of people, families, and change-makers in non-profit organizations. Gregg, would have loved to help young people communicate their feelings through photography and would be so happy to see that this award has been established in his name. 

Gregg passed away at the too-young age of 36, just as he planned to take his photography business to the next level professionally. His family and friends miss him every day, but feel comfort in knowing that his memory will always live on in his beautiful photos and through this contribution to the next generation of photographers supported by Venice Arts.

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Selected photographs by Gregg Michael Zwirn