Venice Arts Gets a Shout Out From the Born This Way Foundation and Exploring the Arts on the Huffington Post


Venice Arts was among the nonprofit organizations across the country noted for their exemplary commitment to youth arts education in a recent article on Huffington Post Impact. Co-authored by Cynthia Germanotta, Lady Gaga’s mother and Co-Founder of Born This Way Foundation, and by Susan Benedetto, Co-Founder of Exploring the Arts. 

In May of this year, Venice Arts was chosen as the featured nonprofit for the Los Angeles stop of the Cheek to Cheek tour—a concert featuring Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga. This partnership with Born This Way Foundation and Exploring the Arts was meant to highlight exceptional organizations working with young people on every stop of the tour. Organizations were chosen based on their demonstrated excellence in empowering young people to become compassionate, creative, and brave. 

“We felt it was important to acknowledge these nonprofits who work tirelessly and with such heart to uplift our young people,” wrote Germanotta. “While large national and international organizations often dominate press coverage, it is important to remember the work that smaller organizations are uniquely equipped to accomplish—tackling the distinct issues that affect local geographies.”

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