SALTON SEA, by Carter I., age 16. Coachella Valley, CA


SALTON SEA, by Carter I., age 16. Coachella Valley, CA

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Carter began taking classes at Venice Arts when he was 10 years old. He is working on a series of pictures about family relationships through the exploration of family artifacts and the home landscape. He loves shooting film, and has recently started shooting digital images. 

In Carter’s own words:

“My nightmares are filled with broken cameras and wasted film. I’ve been attending classes at Venice Arts for the past nine years. It’s an undeniable and ever-present part of my life as it allows me to explore my interests and passions. As an American teenager, I embrace all the tropes and stereotypes assigned to me, but I don’t accept them as part of my life. Sometimes in life, people look at me confusion and misunderstanding.  I imagine those faces frozen on Polaroid film and hung in my room. 

I’m an idiot genius, an unpinned heart and an unpoisoned well…. the result of a domino effect of many generations of crazy artists and historical badassery. I have access to a creative network of people who care and aren’t afraid to criticize me in a constructive and mature way. That alone keeps me inspired, keeps me on the path of photography and the creation of more strange art. I love my life, and I love all the people who offer their support and opinions of my work.”