UNTITLED, by Rickie B., age 19. Venice, CA


UNTITLED, by Rickie B., age 19. Venice, CA

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Rickie has been at Venice Arts since 2011, taking workshops in comics and photography. Family and friends are most often the subjects of his work. His family is from Oaxaca. He has an excellent eye for light and is currently studying at Santa Monica College while continuing his involvement at Venice Arts.

In Rickie’s own words:

“I had a friend who took pictures, and I liked the way she made them look in Photoshop.  In the past, I might like something but I wouldn’t do anything about it. I would just keep it to myself and not act upon on the urge to participate, until one summer my mother told me about a program she wanted me to be a part of. I didn’t like the idea because there would be new people and I hated talking to strangers. I just wanted to enjoy my summer by swimming, sleeping in and helping my mom clean houses. My mother told me to just give it a chance… and now here I am at Venice Arts three years later, taking photos.

I take photographs that help me remember how people are to me. The strange thing is, I sometimes enjoy vagabonding alone in the empty shadows of the pale night, but I like light. I love light---crisp lighting that dominates the entire subject, making a crunchy noise as if it were a chip. Although photography is uplifting, carrying a camera burdens me with extra weight I have to carry around. I regret the moments I don't have my camera with me: the moments my thoughts are kindled, I miss the potential of what could have been a photo. My photo.”