UNTITLED, by Timmie E., age 15. Venice, CA


UNTITLED, by Timmie E., age 15. Venice, CA

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Timmie is currently a freshman at the University of New Mexico. Now 18, she began taking classes at Venice Arts when she was 11, and continued through Venice Arts’ Advanced Studies Track.

In Timmie's own words:

“My work reflects me as a person growing and learning new things, new techniques, and new styles and how I try them on for size. It’s not that I consciously try to not keep shooting in the same style; Photography is more like a dog that keeps on revealing tricks that you never knew. I will be in the mountains and just want to capture the beautiful landscape, and the next week it might be photos of plastic toys. I love exploring what you can do with photos, they’re seemingly so straightforward, but since the day photography was born, photographers have learned ways to change what came out on paper from what was before the lens. I don’t think I could have ever have guessed that when I started photo class on a whim four years ago that it would grow into this passion that motivates me. Wherever I am, I am constantly looking through the lens, thinking, how would I take this? What do I want in this shot? Is it meant to be in black and white or color? All these things are my constant tools that are in my mind. I will look out my window on a cloudy day and think of how perfect the soft light would be for some portraits. Photography is second nature to me now, it’s as natural as breathing and through that I think that as I’ve matured, the variety in my body of work is a tangible example of the things that run through my mind and the curiosity I have for the whole world.”