Advanced Studies Filmmaking Students Visit Adaptive Studios


On Friday, some of our talented Advanced Filmmaking students had the opportunity to take a most extraordinary site visit to Adaptive Studios, an innovative content creation studio and distribution company that is redefining the way that stories are sourced, produced, and shared. The field trip came about because of the generous invitation of Brittany Turner, Vice President of Digital. The students piled into our van and took a trip to Culver City’s Hayden Tract neighborhood, a hub of high-end design, architectural, and media companies. When we arrived, we were received so warmly by the entire Adaptive team. The co-founder of the studio, Perrin Chiles, told us the origin story of Adaptive as an inspired idea that first began to take shape as a proverbial garage-based business, and through innovation and great team-building, has evolved into the media powerhouse that it has so quickly become. We were treated to content across their platforms, from trailers that they’ve produced for the novels they’ve published including the recent Air, television content including Project Greenlight, to excerpts from feature film content that they have released, including the original film Coin Heist. It was such an inspiring and inclusive visit, and the students were delighted to be welcomed by the team, to learn about the cutting edge of content sourcing and distribution, and to share with the executives their own ideas and inspirations. Venice Arts strives to provide exposure to the creative professional world for our young people, and this visit to Adaptive Studios was an unforgettably powerful manifestation of that mission.

A very special thank you to Brittany Turner, Vice President of Digital, who initiated this marvelous visit, and to the entire Adaptive Studios team for their incredible hospitality! Our students are still glowing from the experience!

- Christian